Civics For Change: SCOTUS And Elections

The Supreme Court of the United States has taken on two independent cases — Moore v. Harper and Milligan v. Merrill — with impending results that could greatly impact the landscape of our elections and what we know about voting rights.

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A New Chapter In The Fight: Xavier University Of Louisiana Ambassadors Continue Voter ID Work Started At Louisiana State University

In 2016, Andrew Goodman Ambassadors at Louisiana State University (LSU) led a successful campaign to pass legislation that makes student IDs compliant as voter IDs at public higher education institutions. In 2020, Xavier University of Louisiana Ambassadors picked up where LSU Ambassadors left off when they passed legislation to do the same for private institutions.

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Civics For Change: Andrew Goodman

In this installment of our Civics for Change series, we discuss the life of Andrew Goodman and how our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors are continuing his legacy today.

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