Remembering Perry Rosenstein

Sylvia and David Goodman reflect on the life of civil rights leader, philanthropist, and longtime friend of The Andrew Goodman Foundation, Perry Rosenstein, after he passed away from COVID-19.

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How to Register to Vote in New Jersey

Watch this fun video, created by an Andrew Goodman Ambassador at Rutgers University, to learn how to register to vote in New Jersey. It only takes a few key ingredients!

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Morning Matcha with Maxim

In an effort to build community and create a space for discussion about elections and student voting during COVID-19, we launch our daily virtual chats called Morning Matcha with Maxim. Join us every morning at 8 a.m. ET on Zoom as we brainstorm solutions that advocate for fair, accessible, and safe elections during the 2020 election cycle and strategies to support ongoing civic engagement even as students are challenged by the social distancing required by this pandemic.

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Virginia Making Strides to Expand Voting Access

Cecilia Aguilera of the Fair Elections Center argues that Virginia must do more to expand the voting rights of its residents, including placing polling locations on college campuses and restoring voting rights for formerly incarcerated Virginians.

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Civics for Citizens: We All Count in the 2020 Census

Whether this year’s census will be the first one you remember, or even if you’ve seen a few, the 2020 Census is the event of the decade. When it comes to the details you need to know to make sure you and your community are counted, Civics for Citizens has got you covered.

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