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The Andrew Goodman Foundation Is Growing An Engaged Base Of Young People

All Americans have the right to an equal vote, not just in name, but in practice. We believe in a just democracy that is inclusive and equitable for all. This year is the 50th anniversary year of the 26th Amendment, which not only lowered the voting age to 18, but also prohibits age discrimination in voting. As student civic engagement has grown in the last few years, so have the arbitrary barriers that impede their ability to vote. When people can’t vote, voices aren’t heard, and that means our democracy isn’t working. Let’s take action to advocate for a democracy that works for all of us.


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Young voters face unique challenges and barriers when trying to register and vote. We believe that the promise of the 26th Amendment, which prohibits the denial of the right to vote on account of age for all citizens aged 18 or older, remains unfulfilled. The Youth Voting Rights Act (YVRA) would expand voter registration services at public colleges and universities, allowing young people in every state to pre-register to vote before turning 18, and require higher education institutions to have on-campus polling places, just to name a few of its significant provisions. By serving justice to young voters, the YVRA would fulfill the long overdue promise of the 26th Amendment. You can support the YVRA by contacting your elected officials today and urging them to support this landmark piece of legislation!

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