Equal Access Matters: Florida Students Turn Out At On-Campus Early Voting Locations in 2018

What we learned is just how important on-campus early voting locations are for expanding student voting rights and access. When students have the same opportunity and convenience as other voters, they turn out. With these findings to fuel us, we plan to continue to advocate for on-campus voting locations at Vote Everywhere partner campuses and to champion the 26th Amendment, especially as we near its 50th anniversary in 2021.

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Are we becoming the America that allowed the Freedom Summer Tragedy?

Recent events make me think this is not the America for which my brother, Andrew Goodman, died. My family and others who struggled through the civil rights movement had hoped that murders by domestic terrorists and the sanctioning of the systematic disenfranchisement of minorities were a thing of the past.

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Groups seek to block Tennessee voter signup penalties law

Tennessee's new voter suppression law is set to take effect on October 1, 2019. The Andrew Goodman Foundation and a coalition of other civil rights organizations have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent the state of Tennessee from implementing or enforcing the law.

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Why Aren’t 2020 Hopefuls Talking About Election Security

Maxim Thorne, managing director of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, told WhoWhatWhy that not talking about election integrity on a national stage with millions of Americans tuned in was “a serious mistake” and “a missed opportunity on so many levels...I think it emboldens the bad behavior that threatens our democracy and the 2020 election,” Thorne said.

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Doing Good While Doing Law

In my role as the Managing Director of The Andrew Goodman Foundation, I have seen firsthand how this oppressive law directly impacts the work that AGF has been doing on the ground in Tennessee and the risks it poses to our student leaders. The Foundation and our co-plaintiffs decided to sue Tennessee because it is clear that this law is a transparent and shameful attempt to restrict the right of students, people of color (POC), and marginalized Americans to vote.

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Florida study touts higher turnout from on-campus voting amid court fight

"This report demonstrates that young people — especially Hispanic and Black voters — are enthusiastic about civic participation and voting when the process is accessible and fair,” Foundation President David Goodman said in statement. “Students face numerous barriers such as a lack of access to transportation or balancing busy school and work schedules, which make it more difficult for them to vote at off-campus polling locations.”

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The Andrew Goodman Foundation Receives $350,000 from the Puffin Foundation to Increase Youth Civic Power

“AGF has proven time and time again that one of the best ways to reach eligible, young voters is by enlisting their peers in the effort. This grassroots work, along with the growing advocacy efforts of the AGF Puffin Fellows, is helping to enfranchise and protect the youth vote across the country. We’re proud to of been able to play a role in supporting this extraordinary work,” said Perry Rosenstein, President of The Puffin Foundation.

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Florida’s Early Voting Progress

The larger a county’s population, the more early voting sites it should have. Furthermore, the number of registered voters “per” early voting site is a good way to think about the demand each site must be prepared to take on. More early voting sites per registered voter means shorter lines and better attention paid to voter needs — and the way to boost this ratio is to simply provide more early voting locations.

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Advocates claim late amendment to new Florida elections law ‘provides a new means of suppressing the vote of young voters’

Plaintiffs on Monday asked Walker to consider an amended complaint to also address the provision in the new law, which mandates that early voting sites “must provide sufficient nonpermitted parking to accommodate the anticipated amount of voters.” The provision was added to the elections package by two Republican lawmakers “as a never-before-seen, eleventh-hour amendment” in the waning days of the session, plaintiffs argued in the 107-page amended complaint.

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