Caucus-goers, Assemble

Levi Lefebure, Simpson’s Andrew Goodman Foundation Ambassador and Co-Chair of Voter Engagement believes participating in the Iowa Caucus is an extremely important civic duty for our generation. “It’s up to us to make our voice heard. We have very large numbers, the issue is oftentimes younger people choosing not to vote,” Lefebure said after the event. “If we actually voted in full we could decide the nominee.”

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ACLU organizer to speak on accessibility at caucuses

“If we can raise the volume on key issues like criminal justice reform, immigration, voting rights, and reproductive freedom before the 2020 primaries, we can make sure civil rights and civil liberties are front and center,” according to the group’s website. The lecture is sponsored by Iowa State’s political science department, the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women in Politics, the Vote Everywhere student organization and the Committee on Lectures, which is funded by Student Government.

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Foundation Lawsuit Challenges Student Voter ID Requirements

In an effort to empower students voices, The Andrew Goodman Foundation has filed a lawsuit claiming Wisconsin laws require strict voter ID criteria. While the stated intention is to prevent voter fraud, it has made student voter participation more challenging.

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