The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund

Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future

In recognition and appreciation of Sylvia Golbin Goodman and David Goodman’s decades of leadership in pursuit of our mission to make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy, The Andrew Goodman Foundation is introducing The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund. As we prepare to honor the 60th anniversary of Freedom Summer and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere program, we invite you to join us in recognizing Sylvia and David with a legacy gift today.

A Brief History of the Goodman Family's Legacy

Carolyn & Robert Goodman

In 1966, Robert and Carolyn Goodman established The Andrew Goodman Foundation to carry on the spirit and purpose of their son, Andrew, whom the Ku Klux Klan had murdered alongside James Earl Chaney and Michael Schwerner during 1964’s Freedom Summer.

Robert and Carolyn instilled the importance of equality and justice in their sons and continued that legacy through the foundation. After Robert’s death in 1969, Carolyn spent the remainder of her life fighting for social justice causes, including civil and voting rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights.

Sylvia & David Goodman

When Carolyn passed away in 2007, David – Andrew’s younger brother – and Sylvia Goodman led the organization into the future. In 2012, they transformed the private foundation into a public charity. In 2014, under Sylvia’s leadership on the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, they created and launched the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere program.

Through Vote Everywhere, AGF partners with America’s colleges, universities, and young people on and beyond campus to provide resources, visibility, and mentorship to a national network of student leaders who involve their peers in participatory democracy through long-term voter engagement and public policy initiatives.


Today, after nearly a decade, the program operates on 69 campuses in 26 states and Washington, D.C. Eighteen of those campuses are Historically Black Colleges and Universities within the Andrew Goodman HBCU Cohort. Together, Andrew Goodman Ambassadors across the nation have hosted 6,407 events, registered 116,633 voters, and reached 1,557,967 students.

Additionally, Sylvia and David created the Andrew Goodman National Civic Leadership Training Summit — a multi-day intensive civic leadership training for the Andrew Goodman Network — and the Andrew Goodman Puffin Democracy Fellowship — a program for graduates to undertake high-impact projects on local and regional levels to advance political and social equity among young people in the United States.

This cumulative impact is thanks to Sylvia and David’s leadership, at various times as part of The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff. Without their dedication, ingenuity, and hard work, The Andrew Goodman Foundation would not be where it is today, living Andrew’s legacy and activating the next generation to carry the torch forward.

We are frequently asked if our sons died in vain. My answer to that question is a resounding ‘no.’ Since 1964 we have witnessed the rise of liberation movements throughout the world. […] Ethnic, religious and political minorities, the physically and mentally disabled, who are part of a large constituency who had been treated as second class citizens, have found their voices, mobilized their resources, and taken heart from the determination and resolve they witnessed in 1964.

Carolyn Goodman
Queens College Dedication of Chaney Goodman Schwerner Rosenthal Library Tower
May 10, 1989

Our Goal Is to Raise $1.8M by the End of 2024

Dedicated to the Goodman Family and their lifelong commitment, The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund will help to secure the future of The Andrew Goodman Foundation by supporting its operations. The fund will serve as an opportunity for generous supporters to donate in honor of the legacy and impact of the Goodman Family, and our goal is to raise $1,800,000 by the end of 2024.

Why $1.8M?

In Jewish culture, the number 18 represents life and good luck.

In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. The number 10 is the letter “Yud,” and the number 8 is the letter “Het.” “Het-Yud” spells the word “Chai” (חי), usually pronounced like the English word “hi.” “Chai” (חי) is a word and symbol meaning “life.” In fact, a common Jewish toast “L’Chaim!,” or “To Life!,” is often said at celebrations in anticipation of the good things to come.

2024 is a critical year for our democracy.

Securing $1.8M would ensure AGF’s operations and sustainability at least through the end of 2024, including our significant 10th and 60th anniversaries.

Today, we find ourselves still fighting for the rights of the young, the poor and people of color to actively participate in our democracy and elect representatives that align with their values. We must embrace our future, while never forgetting our past, and continue to live the legacy of those that fought and died for our rights so that those who come after can benefit from a stronger and more vibrant democracy.

David Goodman
“Living the Legacy of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner 55 Years Later”
June 21, 2019

Join One of Our Giving Circles

This is a pivotal moment for The Andrew Goodman Foundation to redouble its efforts to make young voices and votes a powerful force in our democracy. Members of our Giving Circles are not only honoring AGF’s past, including Sylvia and David Goodman’s innumerable contributions, but are also securing AGF’s future.

Your Contributions to the Legacy Fund


$250,000 New Founders Circle
Invests in operational capacity building to expand our work

$100,000 Leaders Circle
Funds programs for future and post-graduate voters

$50,000 Champions Circle
Underwrites advocacy initiatives to increase voting access

$25,000 Partners Circle
Sponsors one campus in the Andrew Goodman HBCU Cohort

$10,000 Allies Circle
Finances digital tools to send text messages to young voters

$5,000 Supporters Circle
Supports creating an Andrew Goodman Alumni Wall of Fame

$1,000 Friends Circle
Provides one Andrew Goodman Campus an activity budget

Up to $999 Grassroots Circle
Pays for Andrew Goodman Ambassadors’ stipends


Members of the Grassroots and Friends Circles will be recognized in AGF’s Annual Report. In addition to the prior benefit, members of the Supporters, Allies, and Partners Circles will be featured on The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund webpage. Champions and Leaders Circle members will additionally receive personal updates from AGF’s Executive Director, Rashawn Davis. AGF’s full team will further brief members of the New Founders Circle. AGF will also issue a press release as a special acknowledgment of their generous contributions.

Thank You to Our Giving Circles

  Leaders Circle
David & Sylvia Goodman
Champions Circle
Dale & Max Berger
Claudia Miller
Partners Circle
Fred & Martha Farkouh
The Puffin Foundation
Allies Circle
Bill Bermont
Ed Lowenthal
Corey & Suzanne Weiss
Lois & Barbara Whitman
Michele Wright
Supporters Circle
Mark Arnold
Andrew Tomback & Sally Strauss

Make a Gift to The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund

To contribute to The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund, please contact AGF’s Development Team at or use the donation form below. To join one of our Giving Circles above the amounts displayed on the donation form below, please contact us today.


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