Virginia Making Strides to Expand Voting Access

Cecilia Aguilera of the Fair Elections Center argues that Virginia must do more to expand the voting rights of its residents, including placing polling locations on college campuses and restoring voting rights for formerly incarcerated Virginians.

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Civics for Citizens: We All Count in the 2020 Census

Whether this year’s census will be the first one you remember, or even if you’ve seen a few, the 2020 Census is the event of the decade. When it comes to the details you need to know to make sure you and your community are counted, Civics for Citizens has got you covered.

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Civics for Citizens: Caucuses, Iowa, and What it all Means

When it comes to following the primaries in an American Presidential election, trying to stay on top of who’s ahead, who’s behind, who’s up and down in the polls (and everything in between), can leave you feeling a bit dazed and confused. For this installment of Civics for Citizens, we’re taking a look at what distinguishes caucuses from primaries, why Iowa gets all the attention early on, and changes on the horizon for the 2020 primary season.

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