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Voter and Civic Engagement Resources

The resources on this page are for use by Andrew Goodman Ambassadors. Please contact your Program Manager with questions about the information provided here. As a reminder, Andrew Goodman Ambassadors are to report out on the results of their on-campus voter registration, voter and civic education, GOTV, and youth voting advocacy activities using the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Program Tracker. For ideas and inspiration, visit the sample materials page, where you can find items created by fellow Andrew Goodman Ambassadors.

Ambassador Handbook

The Ambassador Handbook is the go-to guide for voter engagement on your campus. Before hosting any voter registration drives or other events, it is crucial that you become familiar with the contents of this manual. Andrew Goodman Ambassadors receive a printed copy of the Handbook annually, along with other supplies.

Digital Organizing Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to digital organizing, this toolkit offers four strategies for transitioning in-person democratic engagement to an online environment, especially in times of need and social distancing. Complete with case studies about our very own Andrew Goodman Ambassadors’ activities, the Digital Organizing Toolkit provides a roadmap of how to leverage AGF’s digital tools, host virtual events, use your social media platforms, and advocate for change online.

MSI Vote: Ensuring Democracy and Promoting Voting through the Power of Minority Serving InstitutionsCover of the University of Pennsylvania's MSI Vote report

MSI Vote, a report from the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions, looks at the issues affecting young and minority voters, as well as policies that perpetuate their voter suppression. Because Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) educate 20% of all students and 40% of students of color, the report argues that MSIs have a responsibility to promote civic engagement and offers key recommendations.

my.VoteEverywhere Portal

my.VoteEverywhere is a one-stop-shop online portal where students can find relevant election information. They can register to vote, check their voter registration status, learn about the candidates, find their polling site, learn about voter ID and other requirements, and sign up to receive text message reminders, with information tailored to their campus.

On-Campus Early  In-Person Voting in Florida in the 2018 General Election Report

The Andrew Goodman Foundation commissioned a report to measure the impact of expanded on-campus early voting opportunities in Florida during the 2018 General Election.

Tri-State Voting Rights Guide for Domestic Violence Survivors

To combat low voter turnout, especially among traditionally marginalized populations, Andrew Goodman Ambassadors at Bard College created a voting guide for the tri-state area that details the voter registration process and explains voting issues specific to survivors of domestic violence. Click here to access the guide.


Digital Tool Resources

Writing Digital Petitions

Digital platforms are powerful tools for advocating for the change you want to see and making your voice heard. Creating online petitions, specifically, can help you to engage your broader community in issues that you care about so that you can rally for change together. Watch our short training video and click here to start writing your petition.

Training Webinars


Learn more about The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s one stop shop for all things civic engagement: my.VoteEverywhere.

Voter Registration at Residential Colleges

What should you keep in mind when registering voters at residential colleges?

Voting 101

Learn about voter registration on college campuses.

Making Change Happen

Change is the product of action. How will you impact your community this semester?

Volunteer Recruitment and Coalition Building

Learn about the importance of building partnerships and coalitions on campus to support and maximize the impact of your voting and social justice activism efforts.

Putting Your NSLVE Report to Work

Your college or university received a copy of its NSLVE report, now what? Learn how put your report to good use.