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Inspired by Andrew Goodman

freedom-summer-fbi_full250We’re rooted in a powerful story from the past. At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Andrew Goodman joined Freedom Summer 1964 to register African-Americans to vote. On his first day in Mississippi, he and two other civil rights workers, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner, were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.

Andrew and his contemporaries were young Americans who were committed to changing the world, and joined a movement to take action against injustice. Learn more about Andy, the college student studying theater, and the event that woke the sleeping conscience of a nation.

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The Way Forward

The Andrew Goodman Foundation was created in 1966 by Robert and Carolyn Goodman to carry on the spirit and the purpose of their son Andrew’s life. Today, our work harnesses the legacy of courageous civic action to grow new leaders of change: young adults bitten by the spirit of activism (like Andy). Our campus coalitions spread a culture of participatory democracy, promoting the right to vote while incubating a new civic-minded generation.

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We’re Building a New Citizenry

As a global society, the problems we face are complex and it will take all “ordinary people” to affect change. The Andrew Goodman Foundation has assembled a hero citizenry, a collective of individuals who take responsibility for righting the world’s wrongs. From our leadership team to our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors, our “citizens” are bound by a passion for democratic participation, and the collective good.

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