Puffin Democracy Fellows

Launching the Next Level of Civic Activism

In order to ensure that all citizens, regardless of age, social or financial factors receive equitable treatment under the law, The Andrew Goodman Foundation partnered with the Puffin Foundation to create the Andrew Goodman Puffin Democracy Fellows program in 2018. This multiyear fellowship is available to five or more exceptional young leaders from around the country, primarily graduate students, who are passionate about organizing, public policy, and expanding political equity for Millennials. Successful applicants will work closely with AGF staff, partners, and Andrew Goodman Campus Teams to deliver high-impact results, on a local and national level, around civic policy issues like voting rights, civil rights, and social justice, or other forms of civic engagement.

Meet The Andrew Goodman Puffin Democracy Fellows

“I am very excited about what the Puffin Democracy Fellowship promises: the opportunity to continue practicing high-impact civic engagement, to continue investing in the possibility of a brighter and more equitable Alabama, and to continue growing and learning in community with The AGF family.”

Dana Sweeney
2018-2019 Andrew Goodman Puffin Democracy Fellow


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