Our Impact

We’re Interested in Systemic Change, Not Temporary Results

Vote Everywhere is a multi-year effort, supporting and empowering student leaders who drive long-term voter engagement, public policy, and social justice initiatives. Their work has a lasting impact on a local, state, and national level.


Local Impact

As a mobile and transient population, students face unique challenges when registering, voting, and participating in democracy. They are expected to navigate an electoral process that is designed for the average citizen, not a first time voter.

To streamline this process for their peers, Vote Everywhere Ambassadors identify voting barriers and eliminate them in a way that works best for their communities.

In addition to voter engagement work, our Ambassadors organize their campus, and take action alongside their peers, on matters of social justice.

National Impact

Vote Everywhere currently works with over 115 Ambassadors across 24 states and Washington D.C. Our network includes 59 campuses that are home to nearly a million students.


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