Indivisible: How to Bring the #MeToo Movement to Your College Campus

Vote Everywhere is a movement intended to show you how you can make a difference in your community by not only voting at the ballot box but also through what you say, how you act, and where you spend your money. In the Indivisible series, we'll be exploring the issues that matter to you and providing you with the tools you need to cast your vote every day. 

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Florida’s Early Voting Progress

The larger a county’s population, the more early voting sites it should have. Furthermore, the number of registered voters “per” early voting site is a good way to think about the demand each site must be prepared to take on. More early voting sites per registered voter means shorter lines and better attention paid to voter needs — and the way to boost this ratio is to simply provide more early voting locations.

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Advocates claim late amendment to new Florida elections law ‘provides a new means of suppressing the vote of young voters’

Plaintiffs on Monday asked Walker to consider an amended complaint to also address the provision in the new law, which mandates that early voting sites “must provide sufficient nonpermitted parking to accommodate the anticipated amount of voters.” The provision was added to the elections package by two Republican lawmakers “as a never-before-seen, eleventh-hour amendment” in the waning days of the session, plaintiffs argued in the 107-page amended complaint.

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Youth Defy Assumptions of Low Civic Engagement

The Andrew Goodman Foundation and Generation Citizen demonstrate that through a combination of positive peer pressure, education about civic institutions and government at all levels, and awareness of local issues, Generation Z can be a mighty force that makes civic engagement not an anomaly, but a norm.

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