The Attack on Voting Rights Continues

The recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, which reversed lower court decisions that protect our right to vote, remind us that the fight for voting rights must continue.

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The Battle to Expand Student Access to Early Polling in Florida

In Florida, no college or university student can vote early on their campus. Secretary of State Kenneth Detzner’s interpretation of the state’s early-voting law prohibits public buildings, such as libraries or community centers, on college and university campuses from serving as early-polling sites, even if…

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League seeks court order to allow early voting on campus

The League of Women Voters of Florida, The Andrew Goodman Foundation, and six UF and FSU college students have sued the Florida Secretary of State to challenge his interpretation of the law that prohibits the use of college and university campuses for early voting. - Tampa Bay Times

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Young People are the Ballast for Protecting our Democracy

The United States seems to be teetering dangerously toward authoritarianism. Although the U.S. Constitution ensures equality and liberty, recent political actions at the highest levels of government serve to diminish our institutions and our democracy. Among the threats to our constitutional freedoms are voting rights violations, the politicization of the U.S. Census and laws that would restrict student protests.

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