Equal Access Matters: Florida Students Turn Out At On-Campus Early Voting Locations in 2018

What we learned is just how important on-campus early voting locations are for expanding student voting rights and access. When students have the same opportunity and convenience as other voters, they turn out. With these findings to fuel us, we plan to continue to advocate for on-campus voting locations at Vote Everywhere partner campuses and to champion the 26th Amendment, especially as we near its 50th anniversary in 2021.

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Federal Court Blocks Tennessee Law that Restricts Voter Registration Efforts

David Goodman, president of AGF, said, "We commend U.S. District Court Judge Aleta A. Trauger on the just decision to halt the implementation of this deceptive and unconstitutional law. It is a blatant attempt to use the law to bully organizations that are engaged in registering voters with the ultimate goal of suppressing the votes of students and communities of color. We hope this decision emboldens more young people to get registered, vote, and be heard."

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When People Stand Together to Fight Bigotry

The saga of the vicious, racist murders of Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney is often marked as a pivotal moment in the struggle for civil rights in the Deep South, in part because Goodman and Schwerner were white. Perhaps unlike any racial violence before that, the murders helped bring into focus the truth that the struggle for civil rights, the common struggle against hate and bigotry, is one that we must all take up together.

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Federal Judge Blocks New Voter Registration Law Filled with Penalities

The judge saved her harshest criticism for Thursday’s ruling, in which she wrote: “There is simply no basis in the record for concluding that the Act will provide much benefit to Tennesseans, and even less reason to think that any benefit will come close to outweighing the harms to Tennesseans (and non-Tennesseans) who merely wish to exercise their core constitutional rights of participating in the political process by encouraging voter registration.”

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Federal Judge Weighs in on Voter Registration Practices

At issue is a state law penalizing groups if too many voters sign up with incorrect information. This all started last year when a slew of paid workers with the Tennessee Black Voter Project turned in thousands upon thousands of voter registration forms. The effort overwhelmed election offices across the state. The plaintiffs in a lawsuit that was filed days after the legislature passed the new law says the new voter registration law is just another form of voter suppression. Judge Aleta Trauger of the Middle Tennessee District has allowed the lawsuit to move forward.

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Ambitious Public Policy Undergrad Transforms Inspiration into Action

“I think three things I’m most passionate about are voting rights, inmates’ access to education, and mental health policy,” said Evan Malbrough, an AGF Ambassador at Georgia State University. Malbrough has already made an impact in each area, both at and away from Georgia State. His commitment to raising awareness about voter participation as ambassador for Georgia State’s Vote Everywhere has been recognized in Forbes Magazine.

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Challenge to Tennessee Voter Registration Law Survives Dismissal Motion

The Andrew Goodman Foundation strives to make young people’s votes a “powerful force in democracy,” but a Tennessee law regulating some voter registration drives, which is set to take effect in a few weeks, would change the way the organization encourages civic action on college campuses in the state. The Andrew Goodman Foundation quickly joined a suit challenging the law, arguing that part of it amounts to government-compelled speech, because voter registration drives would have to include a disclaimer in their communications that their statements are made by a political organization and not the Tennessee Secretary of State.

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