In Southern States, New Voter Suppression Tactics Pose As Anti-Fraud ‘Integrity’ Measures

Yael Bromberg, Esq., AGF's Special Counsel & Strategic Advisor, spoke on a webinar, "Empower the Vote: Unmasking Voter Suppression," with voting rights experts from across the country to address the new wave of voter suppression, particularly across the U.S. South, since a U.S. Supreme Court decision ended decades of careful supervision of how states with records of racist policies conducted their elections.

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Voting Rights Advocates To Discuss Rise In Voter Suppression Bills Throughout South

Alabama Values, partnering with The Southern Leadership for Voter Engagement (SOLVE) , Spotlight PR and Groundwork Project, will bring together voting rights advocates, policy experts, grassroots organizers in a briefing under their Democracy Under Attack initiative in an event titled “Empower the Vote: Unmasking Voter Suppression.” Yael Bromberg, Esq., The Andrew Goodman Foundation's Special Counsel & Strategic Advisor, is a featured speaker.

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