The Rural Restoration Project

Geographical Area

Montgomery, Lowndes, Autauga, and Elmore Counties, Alabama


At least 286,000 Alabamians have had their right to vote taken away because of prior felony convictions. In the summer of 2017, a new law passed that immediately made many of those Alabamians eligible to register to vote again; it also carved out a path to voting rights restoration for thousands more whose rights were not immediately restored. It was a major victory for voting rights advocates in Alabama, but the state has refused to contact impacted voters to let them know that they can have their voting rights restored. As a result, many of the Alabamians who were told by the state that they would never be able to vote again have no idea that the law has changed. In the absence of meaningful state implementation, the impact of this change in law will depend entirely upon grassroots capacity to reach people who have previously lost their rights because of felony convictions.


The Rural Restoration Project will restore voting rights to Alabamians who have been disenfranchised because of felony convictions in the past. We will do so by building a coordinated regional coalition with the infrastructure, resources, and manpower to attack the problem systemically.



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