2020 Election Victory Report


At The Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF), we make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy because we believe that young people will ensure a just democracy and a sustainable future for us all. By the 2020 General Election, Millennials and Gen Zers accounted for 37 percent of the eligible electorate—the largest potential voting bloc. We knew that if they voted, young people could influence election-determinative outcomes. But major threats aimed to upset their potential to impact our democracy and future. Though the challenges in the student voting rights landscape were formidable, AGF carved a strategic path forward with key interventions and our multi-pronged Campaign to the Polls. Thanks to the ingenuity and resiliency of AGF and our Andrew Goodman Network, and partners, we persevered to achieve remarkable network-wide results, as well as contribute to historic youth voter turnout in the 2020 General Election.


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voter registrations


young poll workers recruited


in-person and virtual events hosted

At The Andrew Goodman Foundation, we worked tirelessly to make sure that young people were organized, registered, and mobilized in order to vote in a powerful manner across the country. And they did!

Alexandria Harris Esq.
Executive Director


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