Take Your Power Back Weekend: Why Voting Is Important

Voting is more than a civic duty. It determines our country’s elected leaders who in turn determine the real life rules and regulations that impact all Americans daily. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people. That’s why it’s vital for America’s democracy and communities that we take our power back and hold our representatives accountable through voting. Listen to why our staffers at The Andrew Goodman Foundation are taking their power back on Election Day and beyond.

The 2020 Presidential Election will be one of the most crucial elections in recent history. Nationally, three crises threaten America: voter suppression, COVID-19, and systemic racism. Fortunately, student voters can influence how these threats are handled. For the first time, Millennial and Gen Z voters will compose over a third of the electorate! With this in mind, The Andrew Goodman Foundation launched “Take Your Power Back Weekend,” a virtual summit featuring multiple panels of activists across all backgrounds to encourage student voters to recognize their influence, agency, and power.

To play back all of Take Your Power Back Weekend, watch our playlist.

About the Author

DJ Dreeland is the Executive Assistant at The Andrew Goodman Foundation.