Take Your Power Back Weekend: A Walk Through Time with Danny Glover

Millennial and Gen Z voters have the potential to be a major voting bloc—40% of all eligible voters—in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. Unfortunately, the nation and the ballot box face threats due to voter suppression, COVID-19, and systemic racism. In response, The Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF) pivoted it’s National Civic Leadership Training Summit to a virtual two-day program with the guiding theme, “Take Your Power Back Weekend.” AGF featured numerous panels of activists, musicians, actors, athletes, partners, and our very own Andrew Goodman Ambassadors to encourage student voters to recognize their influence, agency, and power.

AGF Executive Director Alexandria Harris met with actor, activist, and AGF Advisory Board member Danny Glover for a virtual walk through time. During their discussion, Glover shared his experience in political activism as a college student. He explained how students can influence change in the current fight for equity and inclusion. Glover concluded by advocating for the audience to “live the legacy of those who walked before you.” Glover’s grandmother inspired him to step into his power—now, he urges students to use their power to organize, to educate, and to vote.

To play back all of Take Your Power Back Weekend, watch our playlist.

About the Author

DJ Dreeland is the Executive Assistant at The Andrew Goodman Foundation.