The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Statement on U.S. Capitol Attack

As Senators gathered to certify the Electoral College’s results yesterday, domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C., obstructing lawmakers from performing their constitutional duties and forcing them to evacuate for their safety. The rioters’ actions are anti-democratic and do not represent the right to peaceful protest that we hold dear. We condemn the terrorism that we witnessed, as well as the words of President Trump that inspired this insurrection, and demand that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. 

Millions of Americans turned out to stand with and for each other and elected new leadership by overwhelming margins, something that President Trump and several lawmakers have yet to acknowledge. President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States on January 20. The peaceful transfer of power is one of the greatest traditions in our nation, and we expect that to continue on Inauguration Day. 

The Andrew Goodman Foundation exists to live the legacy of Andrew Goodman, a 20-year-old college student who was murdered by the KKK for confronting racism and defending the voting rights of his fellow Americans. Yesterday’s attack is an offense to the Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner legacy. We must remember that their sacrifice—and the many before and after—was in pursuit of a fair democracy. President Trump’s white nationalism, utter lack of compassion for the American people, and disregard for our most sacred values have no place in it. He must resign or be removed from office immediately. 

Our time is now. The will of the people will prevail. We must reject this disgraceful attempt to divide us by moving forward together.