The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Statement on the Passing of Hon. David Dinkins

With heavy hearts, we mourn the death of David N. Dinkins, the 106th Mayor of New York City, a Professor in the Practice of Public Affairs at Columbia University, and an esteemed member of The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Advisory Board. Mr. Dinkins was a graduate of Howard University, where he and his beloved late wife Joyce Dinkins met, and Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Dinkins’ death, at age 93, comes less than two months after the death of his wife.

Throughout his political career, Mr. Dinkins served as a Member of the New York State Assembly, President of the Board of Elections, and City Clerk before ascending to Mayor, an office he held from 1990-1993. Seen as a peacemaker, Mr. Dinkins dreamed of bringing racial harmony to New York City, which he lovingly referred to as a “gorgeous mosaic” of racial, ethnic, and religious identities. Not only was Mr. Dinkins the first—and so far only—Black Mayor of New York City, but he also selected one of the most diverse groups of leaders to head the city’s agencies during his term in office.

The important and still too uncommon representation that Mr. Dinkins brought to power is something that we continue to seek today, as is his deep desire for unification. We are grateful for Mr. Dinkins’ immense civic leadership, public service, and commitment to passing the torch to our young people through teaching. In honor of his fight for a more inclusive and just New York City, we dedicate ourselves to living his legacy. We offer our sincere condolences to the Dinkins family.