The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Statement on the U.S. Senate’s Verdict of Not Guilty in Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The disheartening news that the U.S. Senate chose not to convict former President Donald Trump for inciting a violent insurrection and failing to uphold his oath of office is truly a dark moment in American democracy. Over half of Americans were in favor of the Senate convicting Trump for the crimes he committed while he was president of the United States. Donald Trump openly emboldened white supremacy and encouraged racism to root itself deeper into the fabric of our society. He not only disrespected the highest office in the land, but the American people. We deserve better.

While this news is deeply upsetting, we cannot allow it to distract us from the job that is now at hand—and up to us. We must fight to make the United States of America a place where someone like Donald Trump could never successfully run for office again. We must acknowledge that he alone did not create the chaos we have experienced over the last four years. 

We have to begin the healing process that our nation so desperately needs. We must remember that healing is not passive. Healing will require accountability for those who took an oath to represent us. Healing must look like rooting out white supremacy and addressing systemic racism. Healing must include fighting against voter suppression so that young voters can continue to show up at the polls in record numbers to make their voices heard. 

This is why The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s work must continue. We remain committed to continuing the legacy of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner and making young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy. We resolve to make our elected officials reflect the very best in all of us. Liberty and justice for all, no exceptions.