The Andrew Goodman Foundation Receives $300,000 from Democracy Fund

At a time when our country’s core democratic values are threatened, The Andrew Goodman Foundation (The AGF) is excited to announce it has been awarded a grant of $300,000 by Democracy Fund to ensure that young people are engaged in creating a more robust, vibrant democracy.

The multi-year grant will provide support for The AGF’s growth and development in several key areas over the next two years, starting with geographical expansion. With an existing presence in 24 states and Washington, D.C., adding programming to more states would allow The Andrew Goodman Foundation to reach thousands more students. In addition, the Foundation will be increasing its use of technology to strengthen the digital organizing skills of over 130 Ambassadors who encourage youth political engagement on their campuses.

“Without a more civically-involved youth, our democracy is failing. That’s why our work focuses on galvanizing young people to become better informed, engaged, and organized to increase their civic power,” says The AGF’s Managing Director Maxim Thorne. “With Democracy Fund’s support, we will be able to focus on enhancing our experiential programming across the country to protect young people’s voting rights and enable them to be politically active, lifelong citizens.”

“Leading up to and during the election of 2018, the United States saw record youth voter turnout and civic engagement,” said Anne Gleich from Democracy Fund’s Governance Program. “We are proud to support The Andrew Goodman Foundation in their efforts to harness the historic wave of youth engagement and amplify student voices — especially minority and low-income students — as this new generation becomes more active participants in our democracy.”

The Andrew Goodman Foundation received its first grant from the Democracy Fund in 2017.

About The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Established to continue the legacy of Andrew Goodman, a civil rights worker murdered during Freedom Summer 1964, The Andrew Goodman Foundation partners with America’s colleges and universities to train the next generation of civic leaders who defend our democracy and protect against threats to our constitutional institutions. To learn more, visit

About Democracy Fund

Democracy Fund is a bipartisan foundation created by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar to help ensure that our political system can withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people. Since 2011, Democracy Fund has invested more than $100 million in support of a healthy democracy, including modern elections, effective governance, and a vibrant public square. To learn more, visit .