The Andrew Goodman Foundation Receives $100,000 from the Democracy Fund

Democracy Fund Invests to Increase Civic Engagement Among Young Voters

(New Jersey) – On December 6, 2017, the Democracy Fund announced a $100,000 grant to The Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF), to significantly scale Vote Everywhere—the Foundation’s signature program—and create a nationally united force of student advocates who will defend democratic values and uphold the rule of law.

“We are excited to partner with the Democracy Fund,” said The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Executive Director Sylvia Golbin Goodman. “This is a critical time for American democracy as we are witnessing a rise in threats against the very freedoms, principles, and values that our country was founded on.

“The Vote Everywhere program addresses these threats by building infrastructure on college campuses around the country that will increase civic engagement among students, while also training the next generation of young leaders who will use their voices and their votes to ensure that democratic principles continue to protect the rights of all citizens. The support of the Democracy Fund will enable AGF to expand this initiative by bringing it to more schools across the country. We are incredibly appreciative for their support,” she added.

Launched as a pilot program in 2012, Vote Everywhere now operates in 23 states and Washington D.C., and is directed by over 115 student Ambassadors and 65 Campus Champions. Its current network of 54 campuses is home to a student population of nearly a million.

“Democracy Fund is grateful for the ongoing work of The Goodman Foundation and its commitment to supporting the legacy of civic engagement and public service embodied by Andrew Goodman and so many others,” said Betsy Wright Hawkings, Director of Democracy Fund’s Governance program. 

About The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Established to continue the legacy of Andrew Goodman, a civil rights worker murdered during Freedom Summer 1964, The Andrew Goodman Foundation partners with America’s colleges and universities to train the next generation of civic leaders who defend our democracy and protect against threats to our constitutional institutions. To learn more, visit

About the Democracy Fund

The Democracy Fund is a bipartisan foundation created by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar to help ensure that our political system can withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people. Since 2011, Democracy Fund has invested more than $70 million in support of a healthy democracy, including modern elections, effective governance, and a vibrant public square.