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Bonus Episode: Our Climate

Join us for this Earth Day Bonus Episode featuring Catherine Mongella, the Executive Director of Our Climate, on how young people are at the forefronts of the movements addressing the climate crisis and building a just democracy.

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Annabelle Bangs: Binghamton University

The final episode of Season Four, Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere alumna Annabelle Bangs discusses civic engagement on campus at Binghamton University and her role as the Civic Engagement Coordinator today.

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Bryce Bennett: Vote Early Day

Bryce Bennett, Executive Director at Vote Early Day, joins the Live The Legacy Podcast for a conversation on the importance of early voting access and how you can vote early throughout the 2024 election cycle.

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Barbara Smith Warner: Vote At Home

Join us for a conversation on why you should and how you can vote at home with Barbara Smith Warner, the Executive Director at the National Vote at Home Institute.

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Bonus Episode: Michael Schwerner

In this bonus episode, you'll hear the story of Michael "Mickey" Schwerner, a Freedom Summer 1964 volunteer who was murdered by the KKK alongside Andrew Goodman and James Earl Chaney.

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Bonus Episode: Music & Movements

In this Bonus Episode of The Live The Legacy Podcast, Mo Banks introduces new co-host Mia Matthews and the two discuss a recent blog post about the power of music as it relates to social movements in our country's history.

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