Vote Everywhere Ambassador MacKenzie Bills Receives Leadership Award in Iowa

The Andrew Goodman Foundation is proud to congratulate Vote Everywhere Ambassador MacKenzie Bills, who received an honorable mention in the Leadership category of the Iowa Campus Compact’s Awards. The Awards were established in 2014 to recognize individuals and groups for their work inspiring students to become active citizens, and strengthening civic engagement on Iowa campuses. The Leadership category salutes students with a strong track record of supporting others in service and leading in the field of civic engagement, a mission MacKenzie knows well.

“MacKenzie Bills displays remarkable leadership in civic and voter engagement initiatives on the Simpson College campus and across the state of Iowa. She is highly respected and recognized for her work as the founder and first president of Simpson Votes, a nonpartisan student group that has led successful voter registration and education programs,” said Seth Anderson, Director of the Culver Public Policy Center at Simpson College. “Her role as campus Ambassador for The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Vote Everywhere program has enabled her to work through the Simpson Votes organization to solve an administrative problem that prevented several students from registering to vote in the 2014 general election. Due in no small part to her highly effective and visible leadership as an Ambassador, The Andrew Goodman Foundation has decided to expand its Vote Everywhere program to engage up to four more Simpson students as Ambassadors in 2015-16.”

MacKenzie is passionate about civic engagement and voter education, and has demonstrated the effectiveness of students working on the ground to impact national issues. We congratulate her for this honor and look forward to her continued leadership and activism as a Vote Everywhere Ambassador in Iowa.