The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Statement On The Introduction Of The Youth Voting Rights Act

The Andrew Goodman Foundation applauds Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Nikema Williams on today’s introduction of new legislation, the Youth Voting Rights Act. The Youth Voting Rights Act is comprehensive legislation to enforce the Twenty-Sixth Amendment, which prohibits the denial of the right to vote on account of age for all citizens aged 18 or older, and to expand youth access to voting. 

As Yael Bromberg, Esq., AGF’s Special Counsel & Strategic Advisor, has argued in her thought leadership, the promise of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment remains unfulfilled. Despite the amendment being ratified in 1971 — rapidly and with bipartisan support — today, young people still face obstacles that negatively impact their ability to cast their ballots.  

Our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors educate, organize, and advocate for change to make voting more equitable and accessible for young people on and off college campuses. Today’s introduction of the Youth Voting Rights Act, which includes support from Yael Bromberg, Esq. and AGF’s President & CEO Charles Imohiosen, Esq., is a prime example of effective advocacy for legislation that represents and serves all of us.

The Youth Voting Rights Act would expand voter registration services at public colleges and universities, allow young people in every state to pre-register to vote before turning 18, and require institutions of higher education to have on-campus polling places, just to name a few of its significant provisions. By serving justice to young voters, the Youth Voting Rights Act would fulfill the long overdue promise of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment.  

That’s why The Andrew Goodman Foundation is proud to support the Youth Voting Rights Act.