The Andrew Goodman Foundation Stands in Solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

As this week’s tragic events in Georgia demonstrated, the United States continues to be plagued by its long history of white supremacy, systemic racism, xenophobia, and gender-based violence. Eight people, including six Asian-American women, were murdered when a gunman opened fire at three massage parlors on March 16. This incident, fueled by many politicians and centuries of anti-Asian racism, is part of a growing threat against the Asian American community, which continues to be scapegoated, marginalized, and demonized. We are devastated and grieve with the Asian American community. Violence against any of us is violence against all of us. 

The Andrew Goodman Foundation exists to live the legacy of Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, and Michael Schwerner—three young men, a Black and Jewish coalition—who lost their lives confronting racism and defending the voting rights of their fellow Americans. Our founding story reminds us that it is our collective responsibility to reckon with our troubled past and dismantle white supremacy, which continues to terrorize and dehumanize people of color in America and globally.

The only way to deal with racism is to call it out, condemn it, and confront it. Join us as we stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander friends and continue to fight against injustice and hate. We believe that by working together we can find a way to protect human dignity and create a society that is inclusive, just, and safe for all.

Resources to take action: