The Andrew Goodman Foundation Announces The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund


February 14, 2024
10:00 a.m. ET


Mo Banks
(201) 502-6144

The Legacy Fund honors The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s past while securing its future.

The Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF) proudly announces the establishment of The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund, a significant new initiative in honor of Sylvia Golbin Goodman and David Goodman, with a goal to raise $1,800,000 by the end of 2024. This fund commemorates their decades of dedicated leadership and unwavering commitment to empowering young voices and votes in our democracy.

Without Sylvia and David’s dedication, ingenuity, and hard work, The Andrew Goodman Foundation would not be where it is today, living the legacy of Andrew, David’s brother, and activating the next generation to carry the torch forward. Under their leadership, the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere program launched in 2014. Today, the flagship program operates in 26 states and Washington, D.C. with a network of 69 campuses. 

Additionally, Sylvia and David created the Andrew Goodman National Civic Leadership Training Summit — a multi-day intensive civic leadership training for the Andrew Goodman Network — and the Andrew Goodman Puffin Democracy Fellowship — a program for graduates to undertake high-impact projects on local and regional levels to advance political and social equity among young people in the United States. 

As The Andrew Goodman Foundation approaches the 60th anniversary of Freedom Summer and the 10th anniversary of its transformative Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere program this year, the creation of this fund marks a pivotal moment in the foundation’s journey. The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund is a testament to the Goodman Family’s enduring legacy and lifelong dedication to civic engagement and social justice.

The introduction of this Legacy Fund is not just a reflection of the foundation’s past but also a beacon for its future. The fund will provide crucial support for the ongoing operations of The Andrew Goodman Foundation, ensuring that its work continues to flourish and impact future generations.

The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s ambitious goal is to raise $1,800,000 by the end of 2024. The goal reflects both the significance of the number “18” in Jewish culture, which represents life and good luck, and this critical year for our democracy. Donors to the Legacy Fund will be recognized through Giving Circles. Members of Giving Circles are honoring the foundation’s past, including Sylvia and David Goodman’s innumerable contributions, and securing the foundation’s future ahead of the crucial 2024 election cycle.  

“As we unveil the Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund, we are reminded of the impact that Sylvia and David Goodman have had in championing young voices in our democracy,” says Rashawn Davis, Executive Director of The Andrew Goodman Foundation. “This fund is not just a tribute to their enduring legacy but also a crucial step in ensuring that The Andrew Goodman Foundation continues to empower and inspire future generations. With the help of our generous supporters, we will honor their commitment and work towards a future where every young voice is heard and valued in the fabric of our democracy.” 

For more information about how to contribute to The Sylvia & David Goodman Legacy Fund or to learn more about The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s impactful work, please visit or contact our Director of Communications, Mo Banks, at

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