Seven Super Bowl Commercials Aim to Increase Awareness, Not Sales in 2017

Once a year, millions of NFL fans assemble among family and friends to watch the Super Bowl. Each game comes paired with endless mounds of food, a star studded halftime performance, and of course the commercials.

Super Bowl LI commercials did not disappoint. Brands rolled out beautiful ads filled with humor, celebrities, and mascots. But found nestled between commercials for our beloved snacks and car manufacturers, was also a different kind of message.

Following a controversial election, one which continues to divide our country, most retailers steered clear of political commentary. Others chose to use this opportunity to take a stand for acceptance and diversity, and weigh in on issues affecting our country.


In an effort to celebrating multiculturalism, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, and Google Home aired beautiful commercials that showcase the diversity of races and cultures that make up modern day America.



Kia highlighted the importance of protecting the environment in their 2017 commercial.



Audi used their one minute commercial to raise awareness about the existing gender wage gap, which continues to hover at about 20%.



Budweiser and Lumber 84 received the largest amount of criticism from consumers for weighing in on the contentious topic of immigration.


Andrew Goodman took a stand against injustice when he joined Freedom Summer and travelled to Mississippi in 1964. Whether it’s through everyday actions, marches, or TV commercials, it is our job as citizens to speak up and weigh in on issues that affect our country.

 About the Author

Justyna Krygowska is the Communications Director of The Andrew Goodman Foundation. She manages a variety of projects to ensure the Foundation’s brand is reinforced with quality communications.