AGF Ambassadors Win Prestigious Awards

Andrew Goodman Foundation Vote Everywhere Ambassadors were awarded numerous prestigious awards and fellowships during the spring semester.

“AGF Ambassadors are dedicated, passionate, and effective. These commendations reflect the wide-reaching impact the students have on their community,” says former Ambassador Jonian Rafti. Jonian, now a first-year law student, adds that “in my five years leading voter and civic engagement projects, the AGF has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the field. That’s why, several years ago, I joined the first cohort of Ambassadors.”

“Our focus is quality and long-term impact. We work with each campus, year after year, to build up the skills of the Ambassadors. The program enhances the university’s capacity for civic engagement through our student-driven and university-backed model.” says Program Director Nadia Hussain.

Name and Institution Award
Valencia Richardson, LSU Fulbright
MacKenzie Bills, Simpson College Fulbright
Marjorie Meg Burrell, BGSU  Campus Compact Award
Maydee Martinez, Miami Dade College  Campus Compact Award
Rebekah Bolser, Miami University of Ohio  Campus Compact Award
Steven Adelson, Stony Brook University  Advocacy Leadership Award
Eva-Marie Quinones, Bard College  Muriel DeGré Honorary Scholarship



Meg Burrell

Meg has harnessed her platform to work in collaboration with her fellow students to affect positive social change and engage more students in the democratic process.

Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey
President, BGSU
Maydee Martinez

Maydee has been a champion for student voter engagement and political participation. Her outstanding track record of service and civic engagement is impressive and inspirational.

Dr. Eduardo J. Padron
President, Miami Dade College