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Register to Vote

Two choices

As a college student, you face a choice when you arrive on campus: vote where you attend school and live for the majority of the year, or vote in your hometown, where you may be more familiar with the political scene. You may only vote in one location.

Voting in your hometown

Most students who register to vote in their hometown have to request an absentee ballot after successfully registering to vote. Otherwise, you must travel back home to vote in-person on election day. Remember, if you’d like to receive your absentee ballot on campus, request to have the ballot mailed to your campus mailing address.

Voting at school

If you register to vote from your campus address, you can vote in-person at your local polling place.

On-Campus Students If you live in a dorm, your housing address will likely be your dorm’s street address, your dorm name, and your room number as your apartment number. In the mailing address section of your voter registration form, enter the address where you get mail, like your campus mailbox.
Off-Campus Students Off-campus residents are located in different voting districts and must register to vote using their off-campus housing addresses. Students should re-register at their new address if they have moved since their previous registration. Once they have been successfully registered to vote, off-campus residents will receive a postcard informing them of their polling place.