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Voter and Civic Engagement Resources

The resources on this page are for use by AGF Ambassadors. Please contact your AGF Manager with questions about the information provided here. As a reminder, event reports are to be submitted after each event hosted. The voter registration leaderboards are regularly updated to reflect the number of new registered voters per campus. For ideas and inspiration, visit the sample materials page, where you can find items created by fellow Ambassadors.

Ambassador Handbook

The Ambassador Handbook is the go-to guide for voter engagement on your campus. Before hosting any voter registration drives or other events, it is crucial that you become familiar with the contents of this manual. Ambassadors receive a printed copy of the Handbook annually, along with other supplies.

National Voter Registration Day

September 26 is National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) – the largest one-day effort of the year to register voters. Click here to become an official National Voter Registration Day partner and receive free swag to help you reach your voter registration goal.

Voting Laws

Campus Vote Project, an AGF partner, develops state-specific guides to help students with voter registration activities. Ambassadors should become familiar with the voting laws that are most relevant to their campus demographics. Voter ID requirements, if any, are also discussed in each guide. To view a guide, select your state from the dropdown menu:

Training Webinars

Spring 2016 Kickoff

What will the spring semester look like? All new Ambassadors must watch this webinar.

Voter Registration at Residential Colleges

What should you keep in mind when registering voters at residential colleges?

Voting 101

Learn about voter registration on college campuses.

Making Change Happen

Change is the product of action. How will you impact your community this semester?

Volunteer Recruitment and Coalition Building

Learn about the importance of building partnerships and coalitions on campus to support and maximize the impact of your voting and social justice activism efforts.