Sample Materials

Whether you’re launching a registration campaign or advocating for policy change, materials intended for public consumption will aid your efforts. Created by our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors, the items on this page can be used as resources to guide you and your team.


Videos help make unengaging topics more interesting for the public. Below, the video from Bard College makes the case for relocating a polling place, while the Binghamton University and University of Alabama videos focus on student registration and completing absentee ballots, respectively. The final three videos from Suffolk Community College, Rutgers University, and SUNY Geneseo show how to register to vote!

Branded Student Voting Websites

Andrew Goodman Ambassadors make voting easier for students. To do this, information must be easy to understand and easy to disseminate. Several Andrew Goodman Campus Teams have created student-centered voter engagement websites. These co-branded websites are actively managed by Andrew Goodman Ambassadors, ensuring information is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Voter Engagement Guides and Master Plans

Voter registration laws vary by state, and the process can be confusing for first-time voters. Andrew Goodman Ambassadors create specialized voter registration guides with information pertinent to campus voters. These guides are used to train volunteers and are designed with ease-of-use in mind. In addition, Andrew Goodman Ambassadors have created university-wide voter engagement master plans.

Advocacy Campaign Materials

Your printed campaign materials should showcase relevant data and present persuasive arguments.