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By Henry Anderson, a 5th grade student who, while studying the civil rights movement, wrote a report about Andrew Goodman. Says Henry, “Andrew made a difference, and I want to too.”

The civil rights movement was a time when whites always thought they were better than blacks. They had different water fountains and different bathrooms and they had to sit in the back of all buses. There was tons of laws that were bad for blacks and good for whites. So blacks had a much harder life. In the United States there was a lot of segregation, black people weren’t treated with respect and were sometimes even hit by hoses, beaten up, and not even being allowed to vote. Andrew Goodman was one of the people that helped stop all of the bad laws for blacks and it helped a lot.

Andrew Goodman helped people when they were having a hard time. Andrew Goodman was one of those people that helped others more than himself. In this time there was a lot of problems with the civil rights movement. He lived in New York and he moved to the south to help other people having some problems. He worked with two people, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner. James’s skin color was black and Michael’s skin color was white.

On June 21, 1964, in Philadelphia, Mississippi, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner went to jail for trying to help the civil rights movement. The police kept them in jail so they could tell people who were against the civil rights movement. When those people were ready with an evil plan, the police let Andrew and his friends go home. But that was all part of the plan. The bad people knew which way Andrew and his friends would drive home so they trapped them on the road. Andrew and his friends were shot and killed and the bad guys hid their bodies in a ditch.

Andrew Goodman wrote a letter to his mom and dad. The letter said that people in Mississippi were so nice to him and he was having a wonderful day. In the morning everything was going his way, he was happy as a man can be. That is really the worst part, that he was having such a good day that he wanted to tell his Mom and Dad about it and later that same day he died. It was terrible.

Andrew Goodman helped the civil rights movement a lot even though he had a very short life. It would have been a lot different if he did not get killed. I think the civil rights wouldn’t have come so fast because Andrew’s death brought a lot of attention to what was going on in the south. Also, if Andrew was still alive I think he would have still made civil rights better because I think he would have kept fighting to make things better for everyone. A few years later, after Andrew Goodman’s death, bad laws were over and so now there is no law that blacks can’t be with whites and whites can’t be with blacks.

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