Andrew Goodman Foundation This Gen Advocacy Network

AGF This Gen Advocacy Network is a digital space for young people interested in ensuring a just democracy and sustainable future to come together to make connections, share resources, be a community of support, and lift each other up as civic leaders in our communities. The Andrew Goodman Foundation, the nonpartisan nonprofit organization that hosts our group, will regularly share civic actions and advocacy opportunities for us to get involved in! 

After all the stress and chaos of the last few years, AGF Next Gen Advocacy Network is also focused on community care. We know we have a lot of work to do to build a democracy that works for everyone and we can’t do that work if we don’t care for ourselves and each other. So bring your whole self: We’re here to make our voices and votes a powerful force in democracy but we also care about your adorable pets, the delicious meal you made for dinner, the test you just aced (or failed!), and your outfit choices for your Zoom date—because we care about you.

We don’t have all the answers. No one knows it all, but together, we know enough to make some changes and save our democracy! Join here.